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Dare to Drench in Darkness: ISAMAYA Vanity Black Lipstick

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Where shadows dance with abandon and the moon whispers secrets to the night, ISAMAYA unveils Vanity – a haunting melody in the Lips Collection that beckons to those who dare to embrace the darkness within.

Isamaya Vanity black penis shaped lipstick


This ethereal shade casts a spell of bewitching allure, drenching lips in a sheer black glaze that exudes a mesmerizing gloss, more than enough to put your intended admirer into a midnight trance.

With each application, lips become a canvas for gothic poetry, inviting you to explore the depths of your soul and awaken the dormant elegance that lies within.

Crafted with the essence of moonlight and mystery, Vanity transcends mere pigment to embody a symphony of shadow and light.

Whether you seek to embody the ethereal grace of a nocturnal deity or the enigmatic allure of a gothic enchantress, this shade promises to adorn your lips with a spellbinding elegance that defies conventional norms.

The sheer formulation allows you to weave your own tale of darkness and desire with every stroke. Its glossy texture, akin to the shimmering surface of a moonlit lake, imparts a hypnotic sheen that captivates the senses and commands attention with its otherworldly beauty.

So, embrace the darkness with Vanity, the best black lipstick to add a touch of gothic elegance.  For in a world where conformity reigns, true beauty lies in the courage to embrace the shadows—and with ISAMAYA, the journey to gothic enchantment begins with a single stroke.

ISAMAYA Vanity black penis shaped lipstick with lid

It’s also shaped like a penis!


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