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Black Slap on Sunglasses For Goths

Black Slap on Sunglasses For Goths

Summer Goths - Sweeney Todd









Every goth needs black sunglasses.

The sun is the devil so shading ourselves from it’s rays is a priority. But where do you put your sunglasses when you’re not wearing them?

Short of shoving them up your arse you could always wear them on your head, hang them from the front of your outfit or stuff them in your purse, but who wants to be fiddling around for them when you need them again? You could drop them, lose them, scratch them. This is where these slap on sunglasses are different.

You fold them up when you’re not wearing them and they quickly and easily snap onto anything. Your wrist, steering wheel, bike handlebars.  Just imagine the possibilities…..don’t even get me started….

Another advantage to these sunglasses is that when you are wearing them they clip to your head so you can pretty much get up to anything and they won’t fly off!

The video below shows you just how easy they are to use.

Buy the black slap on sunglasses here if you’re in the UK  or here for the US.

Black Slapsee Snap on Sunglasses

Black Slapsee Snap on Sunglasses How to Use

Buy the foldable black snap on sunglasses here (UK)  or here (US)



* Image Source: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tongue Piercing But Were Afraid to Ask

Tongue Piercing Blue Banana Blog


Have you always dreamt of having a tongue piercing? Are you chomping at the bit (pun not intended) to find out the answers to all the questions you’ve been dying to ask? Well then, it’s time you checked out Blue Banana’s latest blog. Bringing you up to speed on perhaps the less common FAQ’s regarding tongue piercings, this blog is bound to answer all those pressing questions you’re too afraid to ask!


Pierced Tongues


Source: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tongue Piercing But Were Afraid to Ask Blue Banana Blog

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Bad In Black | Win a car | Online car competitions | BOTB

Mine’s definitely the Porsche Macan Turbo!

BOTB Bad In Black Porsche

Happy Halloween! To celebrate the ghoulish time of year, BOTB have discounted 10 cars that look bad in black by 50%, including the villainous Porsche Macan Turbo. Don’t get tricked − treat yourself with this week’s half-price sale! Tickets start at just £2.
Porsche 911 Carrera: £9 £4.50 BMW 640 M Sport: £8 £4
Mercedes S400 Hybrid: £8 £4 Audi A8: £7 £3.50
Porsche Macan Turbo: £7 £3.50 Volvo XC90: £7 £3.50
Porsche 718 Boxster S: £6 £3 Range Rover Evoque by Kahn: £6 £3
Volkswagen Golf R: £4.50 £2.25 Honda Civic Type-R: £4 £2



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Competition – Win Eight Great Classic Rock T-shirts!

Your Chance to win: Eight Great Classic Rock T-shirts from legendary bands
such as Iron Maiden, AC/DC & Black Sabbath.

Closing date: 31.08.2016

Enter at EMP

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Goth Day at the Beach

On Sunday we attended the 7th annual Goth Day at the Beach. Our friend Jenny has been putting this fun beach visit for years and though we haven’t been to one since 2012, we were very happy to have been able to make it this year.

Read More: Coffin Kitsch: Goth Day at the Beach

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7 Ways Black Cats Bring Good Luck Around the World

7 Ways Black Cats Bring Good Luck Around The World

In Asia and Europe, black cats bring wealth, bless marriages, keep homes safe, and protect sailors.

7 Ways Black Cats Bring Good Luck

Editor’s note: Today (Aug. 17) is Black Cat Appreciation Day, a great reason to republish this post from Louise Hung.

1. Black cats bless marriages

English superstition says that giving a bride a black cat on her wedding day will bring her good luck in her marriage. It’s also thought that newlyweds with a black cat in their home will have a long, happy life together, and the black cat will ward off evil spirits. In much of the UK, the black of a cat is a lucky color.

While I don’t necessarily condone giving cats as gifts, newlyweds or spouses-to-be should rejoice in sharing their home with a black kitty.